Paper Presentation at TRU’s 10th Annual Philosophy, History, and Politics Conference

Jane will be presenting a paper titled “The X Factor: Creative Possibilities Between Lines,” on January 20th at the 10th Annual Philosophy, History, and Politics Undergraduate Conference at Thompson Rivers University. The presentation will be part of a panel titled “Race and Identity in the Eyes of the Law.”

The paper considers the potential of mixed race bodies to historicize and disrupt systems of categorization by reflecting on the “X Factor,” a racial category used as an identifier within the Vancouver Police Department. The use of the letter “X” to create a non/category that names mixed race bodies as unintelligible in the racial schemas of the Vancouver Police Department reveals much about the logics of racial classification and control. The “X” functions both as a letter and to symbolize boundaries, exclusions, and errors. Within the racial schema of the Vancouver Policed Department, the “X” identifies bodies that disrupt the fantasy of racial difference legible on the skin in order to neutralize and homogenize them as an error in intelligibility. However, the “X” might reveal another potential by analyzing the way in which it is inscribed: by crossing two lines, the “X” becomes legible at its intersection. The point of simultaneous convergence and divergence is essential to both the legibility of the symbol “X” and bodies classified in the “X Factor.” Mixed race bodies bear the potential in this outlier status to reveal and challenge the logics that undergird racial classificatory systems.

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